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Improve your email subject lines!

Start Creating Email Subject Lines Today That People Want to Read!

As most marketers are aware, email marketing is a powerful tool that can put your business on the roadmap to greater success. However, poor email marketing – particularly lazy subject headlines – can also drive customers away and damage opportunities for conversion. And honestly, ain’t nobody got time for that! So, take a few minutes out to read our tips for creating email subject lines people want to open.

1. Create Urgency

People are bombarded with emails every day, and I can personally say, I know how it feels to scan over my emails and delete the promotional ones that don’t appear important – often before I’ve even opened them. If you’re like me you probably know the feeling; and when you’re a marketer yourself, this can be a frustrating experience.  

So what’s the solution? Put simply, you need to create urgency. You have to convince your reader, in a short amount of time, that they need to read your email. Ways of achieving this include:

  • Using power words
  • Incorporating language that makes people feel something toward your product/pitch (for example (‘We’re throwing a Christmas party for our customers, and you’re invited!’)  
  • Include a deadline for events/offers (for example, ‘Only one week to go until our massive launch! RSVP today!’), and reward customers who take advantage of your offers within the timeframe by giving them an incentive (such as a discount).
create urgency in your email subject lines

Turn your email headings from snoozeville, to yahooville!

2. Offer Solutions That Will Make People Tune In

Your customers have everyday issues, and as a marketer, it’s your job to offer them a solution – whether that means making food delivery easier, or offering them a way to improve their business revenue. Your subject line should make it clear you have a solution to their problem, and tease the customer to want to know more.

3. Combine Urgent & Active Words

A great way to make your email subject headings more readable, is to combine urgent and active words; making your reader feel that they need to do something now. According to Campaign Monitor, examples of these pairings could include headlines such as ‘Book your appointment now,’ or ‘Start saving today!’

Subject Line Email Heading Analyser

Tip: Finished crafting your email but want to get some feedback on how your headlines are looking? Try using Subject Line – a cool online tool that will analyse your subject headings for free, checking length, urgent words and readability!