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The Sponno Guide for Ranking Higher on Google.

Over the past decade or so, SEO has become increasingly more important. Due to technical advancements with regards to devices like smartphones and tablets, the reach of internet browsing has dramatically extended. This has meant that search engine companies like Google have had to continually improve their algorithms for their search function more frequently, in order to ensure that users can easily access information on these devices. This has also had the effect on making the realm of SEO (natural search) more and more complex and, of course, increases the level of competition as serious marketers fight for optimal visibility on the first page.

Google Authorship Discontinued – What Now?

On 29 August 2014 Switzerland based John Muller (Google Webmaster Trends Analyst) announced the end of Google Authorship. Since then all photos and references to Google+ profiles have been completely dropped from Google Search listings. When explaining the reason for this change John says that the decision was founded on feedback from webmasters, authors and users who said that the platform was becoming too much of a distraction when finding search results.

4 WordPress Plug-ins for Basic SEO Productivity

In this day and age SEO is no longer just about getting on the 1st page of Google. Unless it is a navigational search query you want to make sure that your campaign is performing at optimum level as you will be competing with nine other search results. This is why it is so important to implement basic SEO practices and efficiently manage them to rank well and attract relevant clicks. Here are some SEO tools that I thoroughly recommend to improve the productivity on your WordPress site.

What is the link between Social Signals & SEO?

Over the past few years there have been a lot of speculation on whether social signals from sites like Facebook and Twitter and even Google Plus factor into Google’s search algorithm. Do things like the number of Facebook “Likes” , Twitter “retweets” and Google +1s have a direct impact on how you are ranked on Google Search?

Should I Stop SEO or Pay-Per-Click

I am often asked by clients if it would be more “cost effective” to drop PPC (pay-per-click advertising) and focus on just SEO (search engine optimisation), or vice-versa. The answer I always give my clients is “NO!” This is why…

Keywords, Queries and How we Search the Web

As you’d likely be aware; keywords (or “search terms”) are the terms and phrases we use when using search engines.