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Google Ads involves text ads that appear as part of Google’s search results and Google’s Partner Sites. Google Ads has many advantages for advertisers and offers a far greater return on investment than other traditional forms of advertising such as direct mail, TV, newspapers, and phone books.

Daily Budgets

The clicks start from as little as 10 cents a click and vary from keyword to keyword. Another great advantage with this program is that you can set daily budgets, so if you only want to spend 15 dollars a day, your campaign will not allow you to spend more than your limit.


With Google’s Ads program, you have the ability to control your advertising like never before by targeting people already searching for your business! Additionally, you can track sales and leads back to the very ad and even the keyword that attracted the customer to your site, to better focus your campaign.

We have been working with Sponsoredlinx for over 2 years and they have helped us capitalise on marketing trends, allowing our business to convert strangers into customers.
Soumya Rao Eureka Conferencing

SponsoredLinX are a rarity in today’s market place, they promise a lot but deliver more. Our business has grown by over 400% in one month; we are amazed at the difference they have made
Barry Donovan Empower2themax PTY LTD

Many thanks for your support mate. I really have found your company to be a great help. Once again, many thanks for your professionalism and guidance.
Pat Liapis, Direct Salon Equipment

What is Google Ads?
Google Ads is the Google Pay-Per-Click advertising system. This system allows businesses to appear in positions above and beside the organic listings by running an advertising campaign. SponsoredLinX will manage this campaign on your behalf to make sure your money is not being wasted on poor-quality traffic.
How often will my ads be shown?
Every time a search is entered into Google your ad has the chance to appear. The key factors that determine this are the volume of search traffic, the quality of your campaign, and your daily budget. In most circumstances, Google will intermittently show your ads throughout your scheduled running times so that your budget is consumed evenly throughout the period and not all on one surge of traffic.