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3 Ways For Brands To Stand Out On Snapchat!

You could be forgiven for mistaking Snapchat as a platform best suited to tech-loving teens swapping flower-crown selfies, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, in the last year alone Snapchat has become increasingly popular for marketers, with 15% of Australian consumers found to be using the app (Sensis Social Media Report, 2015)!
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How To Build Your Brand Online

Small to medium businesses around Australia and New Zealand are the lifeblood of our economies. With the permeating nature of the internet, the internet of things, and the way we have integrated the internet in our everyday lives, it means that SMEs have an opportunity of the likes that has never been seen before. SMEs
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How To Make Smart Decisions with your Onsite SEO

Our final blog in our ‘SEO Tips & Tricks’ Optimise Webinar takes a look at some of our best onsite SEO strategies. Onsite optimisation is any improvement made to the website architecture to make it easier for search engines to crawl and index the site. You must also ensure that your onsite SEO optimisation is
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Optimise with Mobile SEO

For Australian SMEs, the digital market is undeniably growing. eMarketer recently reported that, “Next year, Canada and Australia will surpass South Korea to become the sixth- and seventh-largest mobile ad markets globally, respectively,” (eMarketer, 2015). With the abundance of data, statistics and reports which all point to a mobile internet future, it’s simply imperative that
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The Golden Rule of SEO

Aligning your business goals with your digital marketing plan needn’t be the overly-complicated task many make it out to be. With online marketing, and especially when it comes to your website, if you can align this with Google’s purpose, the chances of the two of you becoming best buddies will soar! Google’s mission statement states
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Google April 21st Update – The News You Need to Know PART II

If you know anyone who works in in the world of online marketing, it’s likely that they circled the 21st of April on their calendar… numerous times. Yes, we were waiting with bated breath here at SponsoredLinX, but for SMEs across Australia and New Zealand, this really doesn’t need to be the case. Essentially, business and website
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Tips to Help You Retain your Social Media Audience

If you’re an SME owner, chances are that you run a social media account under your business name on at least one social media platform. Your decision to choose these particular platforms may have come down to a few reasons such as; it may be one you have used personally and you are therefore familiar
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Consistency Wins the Race with Local SEO

You might have worked out by now that Local SEO can be a little tricky to implement at times. For many of you, the term ‘Local SEO’ was something you had never even heard of. So now, on top of managing your Regular SEO plan, you have to contend with Local SEO. As the fourth
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Align Your Marketing with your Customers

Attempting to reach out and engage with consumers is becoming more and more difficult. There is so much ‘noise’ that it can be hard to cut through it all to get your message to the right people. To add to the situation, consumers arereported to now highly favour the opinions and word-of-mouth reviews from family
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Email Marketing – Your Online Staple Ingredient

When I wake up in the morning one of the first things I do is check my email. First, I check my personal email. Second, I check my work email to see if there is anything I particularly need to prepare myself for that day. I bet for some of you as well that the
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