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social media news 2017
Digital Buzz: Are You A Fan Of The New Facebook Video Updates?

It can be difficult to keep up with all of the technological advances happening in our world—there’s always so much going on! Today, we peer into some of the latest Facebook video updates, and dish out the info you need to know!  Facebook must have been feeling the love this February, because as a Valentine’s
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This Week in Digital

As a new blog feature, we take a look at what’s been making news and what’s caught our eye in the ever evolving world of digital marketing and all that it entails. Stay on top of what matters and make sure you follow the links to the full articles so you can learn in detail
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Facebook and the Future of Artificial Intelligence

A step in the right direction? Hollywood has fed us fantasies of artificial intelligence (A.I.) since the dawn of sci-fi filmmaking. From movies like ‘The Terminator’, ‘The Matrix’, ‘I’, ‘Robot’ and ‘Transcendence’; but with most of the movies showcasing A.I. as a negative, are we ready to understand what it means to take the next
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Facebook just Launched a New Fundraiser Platform

In a world where charities, non-profit organisations and social enterprise groups have to change and adapt to digital screens, Facebook has just made it a little easier. Budgets for marketing spend are always tight because the funds raised go towards providing the services the charity advocates, not back into creating bigger marketing campaigns. So when
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Using Social Media for a Good Cause

Social media is a two-way communication stream; it’s a constant conversation. Unfortunately, social media platforms continue to be a stomping ground for online trolls to turn situations into negative ones, but, people’s reactions are helping to put a positive spin on them, while bringing to light serious issues which need to be addressed. Susan Carland,
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Video – Facebook Revenue Raiser for Your Business

Did you know we have a thriving YouTube channel with loads of useful content created just for you? Make sure you go and check it and subscribe so you won’t ever miss out on the latest industry news impacting your business and the world of digital marketing. Here is  a taster of what you can
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Facebook and SEO – How They Work Together to Work For You

People who regularly use the Internet do not only use one online channel, and neither should your online marketing. It’s why we regularly advocate multiple channels within the range of management services we offer here at SponsoredLinX, but in addition to this, there are special links between these different channels which your business can leverage
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Boost Your Productivity with Facebook

As online marketing continues to change, so do the online giants we use on a daily basis. Yes, I am talking about the likes of Facebook and Google. Your business’s relationship with these online platforms has never mattered more than now, and it’s only going to increase. The growing synergy between social media platforms such
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Swipe Right with Carousel Ads

I bet you have never stopped to wonder why some of our well known road signs in Australia (think of an image of a pedestrian crossing, or perhaps an outline of a kangaroo or koala) are images and not text. Of course they are images, you exclaim to yourself! If we are driving in our
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Story-selling with Facebook

Let’s face it, in business it’s never about you; it’s all about your customer. This isn’t easy with the struggles of feeling burnt out, alone and from wearing ‘too many hats’. The truth is though that customers aren’t interested in you or your story, so you need to think of a different way to get
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