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Online; the Place to Go When Looking for Plumbers

If you’re a Plumber who runs a small business, then figuring out the best method to market your business is now a little more complicated than what it used to be. Logic dictates that you should advertise in areas where your customers spend most of their time or in spaces where your customers might look to find your services. This, in what now feels like a millennia ago, would have been the Yellow Pages, mail drops and newspaper advertisements. Now, the marketing landscape has changed because where people spend their time has changed. People are online, which means your business also needs a presence online.

The best place to start is always going to be with a quality website which displays all of your business information in an easy-to-navigate layout. Information such as opening hours, contact details, the services you provide, quote processes, booking processes; the list really does go one. People want as much information as possible before they commit to making the decision to go with your business, and this can be made on the usability of your website. It might sound unfair, but this is the reality of how many people think online, because a website that is fast and easy to use equals trust and credibility.

If you already have a website which performs like a well maintained engine; well done! However, this is not the only thing you need to have a successful online presence. You might have the best website amongst your competitors in your industry, but if you haven’t included Search Engine Optimisation and Google AdWords in your online marketing strategy, then that brilliant website of yours will sit in the abyss of the Internet.

On top of all of this, mobile devices are now the go-to device people use when they are searching for something on the Internet. Google Australia recently reported in their Quarterly Update that, “desktop queries grew by 3%, while mobile queries grew by 44% and tablet searches grew by 3% YoY in the same period”. In other words, adjacent to your online marketing strategy, you now also need to think about a mobile marketing strategy. As you can see in the image below, the percentage of queries across devices has changed since Q3 ’14 to Q3 ’15 and 44% of all searches for plumbing are now on mobile devices. If you’re not taking mobile search into consideration, you are missing out on nearly half of the population out there who use mobile devices over desktops.

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Luckily, there are digital marketing agencies out there which can take care of all your online marketing needs. SponsoredLinX is a certified Google Partner, so we have great insight in to how best market your business online to your target audience. Understanding and gaining knowledge of the above arms you with the power to choose the right digital agency for your needs, and using a company like SponsoredLinX means you know your online marketing needs are in good hands. Give SponsoredLinX a call today on 1300 859 600 and let us take the stress out of marketing your business online.