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Google AdWords for your business

Google AdWords For Your Business – Why It Is So Effective

As marketers, we often hear questions like “does Google AdWords really work?” or “what’s so good about Google AdWords?”. Sometimes we’ll even get the occasional “what is Google AdWords and how does it work?”. Essentially, Google AdWords is a PPC advertising tool that can reach very specific targets and for minimal cost! So here’s what we have to pass on to you about Google AdWords for your business, and why it is so effective. 

It’s Measurable

Compared to traditional marketing methods, Google AdWords PPC system is one of the most measurable online channels. One of the main advantages of Google AdWords for your business is that it can actively measure your increase or decrease in rankings. In comparison to SEO, AdWords is more transparent through its PPC metrics that allow you to see what is, and what isn’t working. Essentially, AdWords is a valuable tool for determining if your campaigns are providing a decent ROI.

Google AdWords for your business

It’s Customisable

This may be the number one reason why Google AdWords for your business is so effective. AdWords allows you to set a large amount of customisable options for your campaign that suits your needs, making it easier to target your intended audience. To reach your ideal customer you can set specific keyword match types, narrow your audience to a particular geographic location, find the optimum time they are searching and have access to non-search sites partnered with Google (such as YouTube and Gmail). AdWords has a limited character count, so you have to be brief and succinct, but take advantage of ad extensions to further expand the real estate of your ad.

Google AdWords for your business

You Can Control Your Costs

One particularly beneficial aspect of Google AdWords for your business is it’s free to use service, paying only when someone clicks on your ad or uses your Click-To-Call service. This allows you to set your budget accordingly. Once you set your maximum cost per day, you won’t be faced with overspending, and you can easily adjust your budget as you see fit – but narrowing your budget will decrease the number of ads shown.

Google AdWords for your business

Faster Results Than SEO

While SEO can prove to be very effective, a drawback many fear is that it can take months to notice any type of result. So another reason why Google AdWords for your business is so effective is because as soon as your AdWords campaign goes live, your ads will appear and you’ll receive instant results. Because of this efficiency, you have more room to play with your keywords to find which is more effective. Don’t completely rule out SEO though, as it can often blend well with AdWords.

Google AdWords for your business

Still wondering why Google AdWords for your business is so effective? You can start getting impressions and clicks immediately at a low cost. It is a fast and efficient service that often offers vouchers for new advertisers. The value of Google AdWords for your business is second to none as it can market your products or services, drive traffic and increase sale all within your specified budget. Running off a pay-per-click basis, you only pay when you get results!

At SponsoredLinX, we are AdWords Specialists with a proven track record. If you’d like to know more, or improve your own AdWords account, contact us today on 1300 859 600.