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Creating High Converting Content

Creating High Converting Content For Your Business

As a content marketer, it is your duty to continually drive conversions. Maybe you think you’re already relatively sufficient at your job, but is sufficient really enough for you? Obviously, the most important part of content marketing is the content, right? Well, let’s look into how we can boost your business by creating high converting content.

Intriguing Headline

Your headline is generally the first thing readers will notice if they’re doing an organic search or are already on your landing page or blog. You want your headline to stand out because this will be what determines whether or not your reader will continue or bounce. Hubspot and Outbrain recently did some research into what elements create a successful headline and found that headlines with eight words and end with a question mark result in higher click-through rates. If you want to start creating high converting content, try using words or phrases like ‘new’ and ‘instantly’. Additionally, you can try negative words that focus on what the customer could lose if they don’t read on and find out more. You can use sites like CoSchedule and Advanced Marketing Institute to analyse the strength of your headline.

Creating High Converting Content

Captivating Introduction

So you’ve caught your readers attention with the headline and now they’re interested in learning more. Your introduction should intrigue your readers to continue on. Headline = Bait, Introduction = Hook. Introductions need to benefit the readers and should lead into the rest of your article. Your introduction needs to be a continuation of the intriguing headline and offer readers a snippet of the value you are about to bestow upon them. As a general rule, introductions are usually broad but provide relevant background and information as to what is to come. Sometimes, it’s easier to write the introduction toward the end, then surmise and condense what you’ve written, without giving away any spoilers!

Creating High Converting Content

Delightful Visuals

Visual elements make an unbelievable difference to the performance and statistics of your content. It is appealing and engages readers while adding more substance. It’s great for breaking up your text into bite-sized chunks, making it more aesthetically pleasing and easier to read. If you want to create high-converting content, we recommend using original graphics, charts and graphs, infographics, screenshots, or videos.

Creating High Converting Content

Compelling Call To Action

Your call to action should persuade your readers to continue engaging with your content and business. It could be urging people to subscribe to your weekly newsletter, download your latest eBook, or even call for a free quote. Make sure your call to action is clear, brief and to the point. Create exclusivity and urgency by using words such as ‘now’, ‘today’, and ‘customer’. Focus on what the reader will benefit from your call to action and emphasise words such as ‘free’ and ‘save’. Whatever it is, your call to action needs to be compelling enough to convince people to convert.

Creating High Converting Content

These are just a few of the most effective ways to create high-converting content. Each of these steps goes hand-in-hand and must all be riveting enough to capture and maintain interest in your content. Of course, there is more to content marketing than your content alone, and there are always more steps to take than the ones listed today. However, implementing these four ideas is sure to drive your conversion rate up.

If you’re interested to know more about creating high converting content for your business, contact a specialist at SponsoredLinX today on 1300 589 600!