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Hybrid Marketing – the Ultimate Integrated Approach

Hybrid marketing has an Omni-channel presence with an integrated approach. Marketers who practice hybrid marketing are able to write excellent and original content, possess great analytical skills and are able to provide solutions across all platforms, be it Public Relations, Web, SEO or social media management. Rather than seen as separate entities, the hybrid marketer
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Design Coronation

2014 marked the coronation of content as king, and it was a very popular appointment. Brands were quick to take advantage of multiple digital platforms to deliver their message to audiences across the world. Fast forward 12 months and the internet is now flooded with millions of brand messages. In fact it is estimated that
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Why You Need Facebook Ads to Rule Your Business World – The Facebook Crown of Content

As with any advertisement, you need to consider the structure and content of that ad. It’s important of course because the way in which your desired message is delivered will ultimately decide if the advertisement is successful or not. Facebook Ads are designed under the Facebook Ad Campaign Structure which is made up of: Campaign
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Google Quality Guidelines

How to Become Popular with Google Following Google’s Quality Guidelines can mean the difference between finding your site organically ranking on the 1st page, or not. If not it can mean to a vast majority of website users that your site doesn’t even exist – eek! Obviously it’s very important to have a website which
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The Online Advantage

Small Business Growth Slows Due to Lack of Online Presence Earlier in November this year, I wrote a blog titled, ‘Cementing Your Business in the Digital World’, and I discussed that given today’s advancements in technology and online communication, every single Australian SME should be online, whether your business is B2B or B2C, or if
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Why You Need Facebook Ads to Rule Your Business World – Like Farming VS Like Building

As you have scrolled through your Facebook feed, you’ll be familiar with the posts you have been subjected to because friends or families have chosen to ‘share’ or ‘like’ a particular Facebook page. Does ‘1 like = 1 prayer’ ring any bells? Now we all know and understand that 1 like does not equal 1
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Emotional Branding

For some people, emotional branding may procure thoughts with negative connotations, but what emotional branding means today compared to its inception, equals quite a large difference. If we cast our thoughts back to before the Wall Street crash in 1929, emotional branding was used to convince consumers that what you owned and what you used
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Why You Need Facebook Ads to Rule Your Business World – The Plan of Attack

Everyone has a social media platform they prefer, but statistics and research shows that Facebook is the dominate channel. Most people within your business and social circles will have a Facebook profile. Some people have more than just one, particularly if they own a SME. Managing a Facebook Business profile is vastly different to managing
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You Are Responsible For Your ROI

Accurately measuring your Return on Investment (ROI) is not always easy, and this blog is designed to give you some tips to make this process a little easier. You can’t work towards something, or anything, be it a milestone, a record, without direction, and this couldn’t be more important when assessing your ROI. Understanding and
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Spend big and spend more: it’s Christmas after all

David Hefter, General Manager at SponsoredLinX, delves into the issue of advertising over the Christmas and New Year holiday break and how Australian SMEs should be approaching this time of year.