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Tracking your cross device conversions just got easier!

Did you know that 6 in 10 internet users in the U.S begin shopping on one device, but switch to another to continue or finish their transaction (Google/Ipsos study, 2016)? Generally, this is because a lot of users come across ads – or begin their research – whilst on their mobiles, but feel most comfortable completing transactions on Desktop.

As previously mentioned by our SponsoredLinX Senior Client Manager Ian Sorohan, our society’s ever-increasing consumption of technology means that the average user can switch between three or more devices up to 10 times an hour.

“Users will research on their laptops at breakfast, look further into a service or product during their commute to work on their smartphone, and then make their purchase from their work computer an hour later.”

These hop, jump and skips across different technological platforms are known as cross device conversions, and although this data is nothing new to the average advertiser, there are some exciting developments within Google’s cross-conversion software insights.


For example, in late July it was announced that Google would be releasing three new reports ‘in the attribution section of AdWords; designed to assist users with gaining a deeper insight into device usage, along with how their customers are being converted across each one.  Alongside each device (mobile, tablet or desktop) you can now see figures for ‘Last Click conversions,’ the value of each conversion, ‘click-assisted conversions,’ and the value of the latter.

According to the announcement in Google’s ‘Inside AdWords’ blog, this not only allows you to see the amount of cross-device activity happening on your account, but to also examine your customer’s top conversion paths.

Why is this important?

With this new data you can update your bid adjustments – based on the conversion figures – and also select different attribution models to apply to your search ads (such as last click, first click, linear, time decay, position-based, or data-driven). With this information, you can more easily take into account cross-device behaviour and how it is impacting your conversions.

As our Senior Client Manager Ian Sorohan says, “With these new attribution reports coming along so quickly after the announcement of device bid adjustments, advertisers now have so much more information to work with! Knowing that the changes you’re making are having the desired effect? It’s like pure gold.”

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