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Google Plus Optimisation

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Using Google Plus Optimisation to Enhance Your Company’s Bottom Line


Since launching back in the summer of 2011, Google’s social media network, called Google Plus, has received a lot of press, both good and bad. On one end, business owners have adopted the site’s community networking and conference call ‘hangout’ capabilities as some of the best ways for offices around the world to communicate to one another. On the other hand, some have criticised Google Plus for having a confusing interface and a dearth of users.


It’s true that Google Plus doesn’t have the social user base of Facebook. However, the network is proving to be a choice social media outlet for businesses and the connection it shares with Google makes Google Plus optimisation an important consideration for SEO experts.


The question, of course, is how you can draw customers to your Google Plus pages if many of them have a negative opinion of Google Plus already in place? How can you implement effective Google Plus optimisation practices without alienating the parts of your audience that are already very dedicated to using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media networks?


The answer is to implement Google Plus into your Internet marketing campaign without forcing everyone who follows you to use it. Simply offering customers the option to keep tabs on your business via a Google Plus page is good; making Google Plus your only social media presence is not. Offer links to your Google Plus page alongside links to your Facebook profile, your Twitter feed and your company’s LinkedIn page. This will serve as a big step towards effective Google Plus Optimisation, expanding your social media presence to include more outlets. all without scaring away Facebook or Twitter enthusiasts.


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