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Dissatisfied with Your Current Google AdWords Services? Let SponsoredLinX Do a Comprehensive Health Check!

Has your business been seeing less-than-stellar returns on its search engine optimisation, social media or Google AdWords campaigns? If so, give us a call at SponsoredLinX. In addition to offering top-quality versions of all of those services, we also provide a comprehensive health check to any businesses who want to assess the performance of their current SEO, social media or AdWords campaigns. Best of all, this health check is completely free of charge to any business that wants it.

When you come to SponsoredLinX for a health check, you can expect us to be completely objective in our assessments of your Internet marketing efforts. If your SEO campaign is doing as well as anything we could put together for you in-house, we will let you know that. If we think our Google AdWords services could boost your return-on-investment, we will tell you that as well. We like to build our client relationships based on trust, and in many cases, that trust begins with an honest and in-depth health check of a company’s existing online marketing campaign.

If you do decide to switch over to SponsoredLinX after your health check whether for AdWords services, SEO expertise or something else—that trust and respect will continue. We launched our business in 2006 and have earned recognition as one of Australia’s most highly regarded online marketing firms in the years since. A big part of that is our results-driven approach: instead of locking our clients in with contracts, we keep them around by consistently striving to provide the best services possible. It’s an approach that has served us well over the years.

Whether you are looking for a free comprehensive health check, SEO or AdWords services or just someone to help your business build a website, SponsoredLinX can help. Call us at 1300 859 600 to learn more.