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Google Advertising Costs

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Get the Most out of Your Google Advertising Costs, with SponsoredLinX

Too often, when businesses have hefty Google advertising costs figured into their budgets, they are spending primarily with the goal of bringing traffic to their website. But while getting eyes on your site can certainly be beneficial, those eyes don’t necessarily translate into customers or revenue. This trend is especially prevalent with Google AdWords and other pay-per-click advertising methods: your business pays to get people to your page, but then what?

At SponsoredLinX, Australia’s leading online marketing agency, our mantra is ‘Traffic, Conversion, Retention.’ This philosophy is simple, but it delivers results because it leads to comprehensive services and solutions, instead of just focusing on the ‘web traffic’ part of the equation.

So how can SponsoredLinx and our ‘Traffic, Conversion, Retention’ philosophy help you to get better returns on your Google advertising costs? Not only can we manage the aspects of your online marketing campaign that help to draw people to your website (Google AdWords, search engine optimisation, etc.), but we can also help your business provide the exemplary web experience that will keep those people around and turn them into repeat customers. Quality website design, superior written content, an active social media presence, a mobile site that works: these are just a few of the services available at SponsoredLinX that can help you convert your internet traffic into revenue.

Ready to start seeing your Google advertising costs yield true, measurable results? If so, call SponsoredLinX today, on 1300 859 600. We will meet with you, learn about your business and build an online marketing campaign that makes sense for you.