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How to Practice Good Google Plus Management Principles


Like with any other social media platform, a successful Google Plus business page will be consistently updated with new content and relevant, timely information. One of the best ways to keep your content flowing is to take advantage of the Google Plus management admin feature, which allows you to add up to 50 managers to your Google Plus page. The page ‘owner’—usually the business owner or social media expert—will still have the most access to and control over the page. However, additional managers will still be able to make posts, manage circles and connections, update business information or even upload pictures and documents, all so that the Google Plus profile always remains a great resource for customers.


Another factor in mastering Google Plus management is learning how to use your network’s ‘Circles’ to your advantage. Circles are the different networks that Google Plus allows you to split your connections up into. For most Google Plus users who are just utilizing the network as a basic social media outlet, the different circles can be groups like ‘Friends,’ ‘Family,’ or ‘Work,’ categories that help to organise connections in a meaningful way. A Google Plus user can then decide which of their circles sees the content they post, meaning that someone can share something with just friends and family, but keep it separate from their work life.


Businesses can use similar circle divisions for effective Google Plus management. For example, a business owner can set up Google Plus circles for ‘Employees’ and ‘Customers,’ and these groups can then be used to distribute specialised content accordingly. Around the holidays, for instance, Google Plus circles can be used to send employees a memo about time off while also delivering a message to customers about sales and discounts.


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