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Google+ Optimisation

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Tips for Effective Google+ Optimisation


While Google+ is not the most popular social media network around, there is still a dedicated collective of Internet users who view Google’s community-driven social network as a preferable outlet to Facebook and Twitter. Your business can therefore not afford to forsake Google+ optimisation in its Internet marketing plan. In fact, Google+ has a few terrific and unique features that can help you boost your search engine optimisation in general—hardly surprising considering the fact that Google is THE search engine.


One of the best Google+ optimisation methods relates back to Google Authorship, a useful SEO tool that Google makes readily available to Google+ users. By signing up for Google Authorship, you can boost the aesthetic appeal of your business’s Google search results and build your credibility all at the same time. Bloggers or businesses with article pages will be especially well served by Google Authorship, which adds additional text and an author photograph to your articles when they pop up in Google search results. Not only will the photo make you seem like a well-endorsed expert in your field, it will also boost the number of hits your articles are getting. And since Google+ is connected to Google authorship, readers who want to follow you or your business and social media will likely check out your Google+ page first.


You can also practice good Google+ optimisation by establishing Google Publisher status for your Google+ page. This will display your company’s information on the right-hand side of a Google search when anyone tries to find your business on Google, giving browsers direct links and ‘follow’ tabs for your Google+ profile right there on the search results page.


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