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Tips for Superior Google+ Management


So you’ve set up a business page on Google+ and you want to know the best tips for good Google+ management. First of all, simply by having your business active on Google+, you are already doing something right. Far too many companies ignore Google’s social media platform, but the network is ideal for building your search engine optimisation and can help you to attract new customers to your brand every bit as much as Facebook and Twitter can.


The first thing you need to consider in Google+ management is actually the same question you had to ask yourself when you first designed the website for your business: what is the main goal of this page? What message or messages are you trying to send with your Google+ profile and what audience are you looking to attract with the content you post? Answering these questions will help you through every stage of Google+ management, from writing the ‘About Us’ page to building a network of connections, from deciding what content to post to organizing your followers into circles.


Establishing a mission statement for your Google+ profile is the most important factor you will face in trying to build the page into a successful social media venture. Perhaps your Google+ will have the same goals and audience as your regular website. Perhaps the goals will be more specific and the audience expectations more nuanced. Regardless of the direction you choose to take, your Google+ profile should put forth a small handful of very specific messages. In the Internet age, readers like to know precisely what they are looking at right away, so respect their wishes and cut to the chase.


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