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How to Boost Your Business’s Application Marketing


With how popular smartphones are in this day and age, having a mobile application and mastering the basics of application marketing have become important steps for any business to take when building their brand. Quite simply, customers are relying more and more on their mobile devices—and less on laptops or desktops—and one of the best ways to take advantage of this shift is to create a presence in the app world.


Of course, it isn’t enough to just have an app sitting somewhere on the virtual shelves of the Apple or Android app stores. Your app has to stand out. It has to constantly call attention to itself and encourage your customers not only to download it, but also to use it repeatedly. How can you achieve such consistent use, you may ask? Through application marketing which allows you to build buzz and attention for your business by specifically boosting the traffic and usage levels for your app.


Some of the basics of application marketing are the same as you have been doing to advertise your business online for years. As a general rule, mobile app users are also Internet users, so utilise your website, your Facebook profile, your web mailing list or your Twitter feed to encourage customers to download the app. Make it easy for them to grab the download by providing a direct link to the Android or Apple stores. Have a title and a description that sells the app effectively, whether by including keywords many app store users search for, offering exclusive deals or incorporating some fun additional features. And then do all you can to keep your users coming back. Utilise your application to disseminate customer rewards or drive your users to review the app by offering additional perks. In many ways, have a strong core app audience is the best weapon at your disposal for getting more people to check out your app.


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