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Understanding Why Android App Marketing Is Different Than Apple App Marketing


The biggest mistake many business owners or first-time application developers make when trying to market their app is failing to understand the fundamental difference between Android app marketing and Apple app marketing. While Android and Apple are the two giants of the mobile device world, they aren’t identical entities. For one thing, Android’s app market is open source, meaning it is almost infinitely more crowded than Apple’s market. Said another way, the process for getting an app on the Android market is easier than negotiating with Apple, but the marketing side may be trickier once you get there.


The primary difference between the two app markets—or at least the difference that app developers will want to pay attention to—is the way organic rankings are tracked. With Apple app marketing, you can boost your rankings by simply positioning ads on other apps or around the Internet to direct traffic to your app page. With Android app marketing, ads may help you to build an audience, but rankings are based on actual app usage. In other words, if your users are using your app a lot, your ranking will be high, but if people download your app and then use it once, you won’t do very well on the Android app market.


The best way to assure good Android app marketing, then, is to make sure your app is offering features that your customers will want to access repeatedly. Reward your consistent users with perks for their loyalty or use push notifications to reactivate dormant customer accounts. The secret to app success is giving your customers a reason to keep using your program. Those reasons will vary depending on the nature of the app and the goal of your business, but there are always ways to make your app essential.


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