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Advertise with Google, with the Help of SponsoredLinX

Studies suggest that Google controls about two-thirds, or 66.6 percent, of the worldwide search engine market. In other words, a lot of different people are relying on Google to navigate the Internet every day—including many of your company’s potential customers. Furthermore, studies also suggest that the page occupying the top spot in any given Google search result gets about twice as many clicks as the page occupying the second spot. In other words, your business not only needs to advertise with Google, but it also needs to strive towards a high ranking on the search engine, and that’s where SponsoredLinX comes in.

Since first opening our doors in 2006, SponsoredLinX has become Australia’s leading online marketing agency. We’ve done it by helping clients from all over the country to advertise with Google and rank on the first page of search results. How we get there varies, from organic efforts to increase search engine indexing—these services include search engine optimisation (SEO), web development services, mobile website services and more—to paid search efforts, like Google AdWords management. With a combination of these services we can help your business to rank above the competition on Google.

The bottom line is this: there is no better advertising platform out there right now than Google. Print, TV and radio advertising might still have their place, depending on your industry, but your business can reach more people—and do so more effectively—simply by advertising with Google. So reach out to SponsoredLinX today, and let us put together a Google advertising package that will work for you.