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SEO Pitfalls

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Things you need to be aware of when getting SEO done

As you may be aware, search engines are constantly updating their search algorithms, which simply put, are their formulas for assessing websites and placing them where they believe they should go according to certain criteria.

One thing they have been focused on very heavily over the past couple of years is ‘over-optimization’, spam content, low quality links and more recently user-friendliness.

Google in particular are getting very good at this and will penalize your website heavily should they decide that any aspect of your online presence is not genuine.

For this reason you should be careful of the following:

  • Nonsensical text content. Any content on your site from product information to simple blog posts need to be real content. It’s not just as simple as avoiding ‘keyword stuffing’ anymore, search algorithms are now much more advanced than that.
  • Links from questionable websites, either created for the purposes of links or just low quality sites
  • Doing too much too quickly. If a search engine gets suspicious and decides that what you are doing is not natural, you could be in trouble
  • Anyone claiming to have a ‘magic formula’ or to have ‘figured out a shortcut’. There is no such thing. Anyone claiming this is either lying or they have found a way to cheat. With search engines constantly throwing their considerable resources at identifying and punishing cheaters, this is not something you want to be a part of.

Google in particular very clearly lay out what they want from a website and these criteria are entirely achievable without cheating. Giving them what they want will also ensure you don’t have to sit around worrying whenever an algorithm update hits.

Remember the simple SponsoredLinX “GRGR” rule:
Genuine Relevance Gets Results.

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