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How We Implement SEO

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If you’re thinking about embarking on an SEO campaign,
it’s important to know the nature of what you are signing up for.

Unlike other online marketing techniques, SEO can be a slow process.
However, the ROI involved in SEO once you are ranking can be quite substantial in comparison!

The reason things take time with this method of online marketing is because the search engines are constantly trying to increase quality and genuine growth and reputation amongst websites. They also need to genuinely trust you as you are not paying them (as you would with something like AdWords) to appear on the front page. Simply put: building this sort of trust with them takes time and when you also factor in the fact that you are competing with every single piece of content online for the keyword you are targeting (which can be in the millions or even billions), then it becomes pretty clear that being in the top ten is no small feat.

First Month

During the first month with us, you can expect a full analysis of what is required, keyword consultation, creation of content, optimization of this content on your website and the creation of ranking reports as well as installation of Analytics and Webmaster Tools.

Second Month

In the second month, we will typically get started on creation of your Google+ presence as well as commencement of reports on Analytics, Webmaster Tools, rankings and regular fortnightly catch ups on these aspects of your campaign.

Third Month

By month three, we will begin to implement link building as required, at which point you should start to see noticeable movement with your keywords, your Google+ Local account and maps listing should well and truly be active and it will be a matter of consultation on various areas needing improvement with regards to your online presence if required and working our way together down your list of keywords toward maximum results beyond that.

There is no time like the present

Obviously there will be exceptions to these time frames such as brand new websites (which generally take longer to rank) and a few other factors, but if these are ever likely to be an issue you will be consulted on this from the very beginning so that you’re 100% aware of what is happening with the campaign.

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