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Evaluating Results In Client Accounts is what ERICA is all about.

Here at SponsoredLinX we have implemented an innovative proprietary software program called E.R.I.C.A (Evaluating Results in Client Accounts). It was launched in April 2014, and can be used by Client Managers at SponsoredLinX to prioritize tasks and identify problem areas in record time.

For any business having the correct type of technology in place can mean the difference between a company running efficiently, or not at all. Once E.R.I.C.A was implemented, SponsoredLinX immediately felt the benefits of running proprietary software specifically designed for online marketing management. The truth is, through designing our own proprietary software, we have been able to address those areas which were identified as needing improvement, and we have been able to provide a one-stop solution tailored to meet the demands of managing multiple online marketing accounts. E.R.I.C.A has provided SponsoredLinX Client Managers with the means to effectively oversee the successful operation of numerous accounts, and even has the scale to include further online platforms, such as Social Media management and more.

For the wider community, the implementation of E.R.I.C.A. will enable SponsoredLinX to continue to help and support small to medium sized enterprise (SMEs) owners with their search engine marketing needs. Small business is the lifeblood of the Australian economy, and with online marketing continuing to show its Return on Investment (ROI) power in comparison to more traditional methods of marketing, Australian businesses, now more than ever, need to make use of the powerful asset online marketing can bring them. With the aid of innovative technology such as E.R.I.C.A we can execute professional, data-driven and results orientated online marketing work for Australian SMEs.