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PFK Services Available to You

PFK (pages for keywords) are landing pages designed around popular keywords which increase traffic to your website. Search engines will often have links at the bottom of the page (Google certainly does) that are keyword phrases that are similar to the one used in the search. Making PFK around these phrases is an effective way to drive traffic to your website.

PFK’s should be easy to read, interesting and not too long or short. They should definitely be directly related to your business or product and should be informative, rather than pure advertising. You want to give them enough information so that consumers want to learn more. The idea is to draw people in and make them want to look around your site more. PFK’s are a great way to “cover all your bases” and make sure you’re getting the most traffic you can from Google Searches.

Making PFK’s can seem overwhelming to some and that is why it’s a service we happily offer. We can construct pages for keywords specifically tailored to your website and of course, with your preferences in mind with regards to style and flourish. Utilizing years of experience in SEO optimization, we can take the stress and hassle of designing PFK’s completely away from you and leave you only with the best of results. We focus on what is important, and that is our client’s success. With our carefully crafted PFK’s, you’re sure to experience a significant increase in website traffic.