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SponsoredLinX: 2015 Google Partners All-Star

Google has never intended to become a conventional company, as Alphabet CEO Larry Page is known for famously saying. With no other company around the world quite like Google, we’d say they’re doing very well in sticking to their guns. The basis of what they do hasn’t changed – to find for you whatever it
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The Answer to Small Business Growth

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, and with small business now deemed ‘the new black’ there are more pathways than ever before for businesses to prosper and grow. In fact, Deloitte Access Economics reported that businesses, “with high digital engagement enjoy better business outcomes, with a $350,000 or 20% increase in annual revenue”.
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How To Build Your Brand Online

Small to medium businesses around Australia and New Zealand are the lifeblood of our economies. With the permeating nature of the internet, the internet of things, and the way we have integrated the internet in our everyday lives, it means that SMEs have an opportunity of the likes that has never been seen before. SMEs
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Mass Marketing Days Are Over!

Not everyone thinks alike. People are different. It’s why some people will choose red while others will choose blue. Mass marketing casts a net over a reach as wide as possible in an attempt to reach a percentage of people within a specific geographical area. It’s why some fast-food companies will utilise billboards, television commercials
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How To Make Smart Decisions with your Onsite SEO

Our final blog in our ‘SEO Tips & Tricks’ Optimise Webinar takes a look at some of our best onsite SEO strategies. Onsite optimisation is any improvement made to the website architecture to make it easier for search engines to crawl and index the site. You must also ensure that your onsite SEO optimisation is
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Blogging and SEO – A Match Made in Heaven

Blogging; it’s a word many of you will be familiar with. Some of you may follows blogs, while some of you will write your own blogs. While many treat the form of blogging as an online journal of sorts, when it comes to creating, writing, managing, posting and sharing a blog on your business’s website,
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Our Top Mobile SEO Secrets

Ben Bradshaw, Founder and CEO of SponsoredLinX, is in high demand. His extensive knowledge in the realm of all things online and digital not only means that he has a keen perception of what marketing practices you should be implementing, he also has the ability to relay this information in a way that is easy
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Optimise with Mobile SEO

For Australian SMEs, the digital market is undeniably growing. eMarketer recently reported that, “Next year, Canada and Australia will surpass South Korea to become the sixth- and seventh-largest mobile ad markets globally, respectively,” (eMarketer, 2015). With the abundance of data, statistics and reports which all point to a mobile internet future, it’s simply imperative that
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Google April 21st Update – The News You Need to Know PART II

If you know anyone who works in in the world of online marketing, it’s likely that they circled the 21st of April on their calendar… numerous times. Yes, we were waiting with bated breath here at SponsoredLinX, but for SMEs across Australia and New Zealand, this really doesn’t need to be the case. Essentially, business and website
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Google April 21st Update – The News You Need to Know

You will be aware that on the 21st of April, 2015, Google will be releasing their latest update. Due to the fact that Google have been so secretive in the lead up to their previous updates, it came as a surprise when Google announced a warning to website owners this time around. Their warning: become
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